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Whether you aspire to design bags, theatrical wardrobes, jewelry, home decor, or innovative combinations of traditional and modern techniques, I’m here to help turn your vision into reality. Every dream is unique, and my mission is to make yours come true.

your vision, my craft

As a designer, I prioritize close collaboration with my clients. Your vision drives my craft, and together, we’ll bring your dream to life. Share your needs with me, and I’ll provide my expertise to co-create a truly stunning garment. Let’s make your vision a reality, together.

Creativity knows no limits in Awad Madrid’s fablab. Here, I’m excited to share a wealth of tips, techniques, and crafts to ignite your imagination and empower your artistic journey. From mastering the intricacies of 3D printing and the artistry of traditional leather craftsmanship to delving into the world of multimedia creation.