Assaad Awad for ABC (Urban Phoenix)
Commissioned by ABC VERDUN MALL, Assaad Awad (leather and metal designer) designed this outstanding wearable Urban Phoenix accessories to be displayed as a tribute to BEIRUT. Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times, this is why it's compared to the Phoenix that dies and resurrect from its own ashes.
Assaad Awad for Lady Gaga Artpop
My Colaboration with Lady gaga (popart album) she is wearing a dress made of Wood shavings and a brass metal feathers crown designed by Assaad Awad.
Madonna by Assaad Awad
Assaad Awad's Accessories Features in Madonna's Performance in the SuperBowl 2012.
Assaad Awad Plays Balenciaga
A collaboration between the designer Assaad Awad and Cristobal Balenciaga in the museo del traje (costume museum) Madrid. The Lebanese/Spanish artist designed a full collection of accessories, hats, belts and bags inspired by a selection of Balenciaga's dresses. the exhibition will be in the permanent collection in the costume museum madrid from April 23 - October 28 2015. in the middle of the exhibition space, a display table is placed to show the process of the whole concept to access the mind of the artist. The project is in collaboration with the best artisans in Spain.
Lady Gaga by Assaad Awad
Stardom harness, a custom design for Lady Gaga, this harness was used on many occasions and performances.
Lady Gaga Judas by Assaad Awad
Golden Harnesses i custom designed for Lady Gaga's performance in Cannes.
Thierry Mugler by Assaad Awad
Gold and silver mirror armors i custom designed for Thierry Mugler SS2012 in paris fashion week.
Mario Testino by Assaad Awad
My collaboration with V Magazine #76, the sports issue. Belts, Harnesses, Corsets, Metal gloves, Metal Bra... Photographer: Mario Testino Stylist: Nichola Formichetti Models: Adriana Lima & Doutzen Kroes
Assaad Awad X Royal Theater
For the world premiere of EL PUBLICO, an opera masterpiece based on the text of Federico García Lorca, Assaad Awad was commissioned by el teatro real madrid to design of the 15 most experimental opera costumes that fits the surrealistic text of Lorca. the designer Awad presented extraordinary designs made with wood, leather, latex and a tutu made entirely from paper.
Vogue Hommes Japan by Assaad Awad
Accessories i created for Vogue Hommes Japan editorial.
Solan de Cabras by Assaad Awad
As part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Presentation With Solan De Cabras water, This collaboration represents the very precise moment where the water hits the surface and splashes, this time in a new interpretation, jewelry made out of sweets, gold leaves and silver leaves, all addible. The collaboration was devided into 3 parts, the actual jewelry, a press day at the MBFWM where everyone can feed their curiosity about how Assaad designed these extraordinary pieces with a live demonstration, and at last a fashion film.
Thierry Mugler by Assaad Awad
Shinny metal armors i designed for this shoot for Thierry Mugler's house.
Juanjo Oliva by Assaad Awad
Handcrafted Gold Leaves, accessories that were directly sewed to the collection of juanjo oliva 2012.
Maya Hansen by Assaad Awad
Accessories i designed for Maya Hansen Corsetry, the accessories were incorporated in the corset itself, and of course as regular accessories function.
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