In Awad Madrid’s fablab, creativity thrives. From 3D printing to traditional crafts, it’s where dreams take shape. Through custom pieces, collections, and workshops, I empower artistic journeys



I empower individuals to bring their ideas to life. With courses in Madrid catering to all, I foster creativity and collaboration for residents, tourists, and corporate teams alike.


I offer exclusive mentoring sessions. Whether you dream of designing bags, theatrical wardrobes, jewelry, or merging crafts with 3D printing, I’m here to make your vision a reality.


My fablab spans 200 square meters, where any kind of dream can become a reality, whether it takes shape through 3D scanning, 3D printing, traditional leather craftsmanship, or the creation of photos and videos. The space is quipped with 3D scanners, 3D printers, and all the necessary luxury leatherwork machinery and utensils to mix both traditional techniques with the future technology, the fablab is a space dedicated to the investigation, research, and creation of all the extraordinary designs I do for my brand, Awad Madrid.

It’s where I craft exclusive custom pieces for my clients, develop pieces for my past, present and future collections, and above all, it’s dedicated to all the workshops and mentoring sessions I share with my beloved students.

sharing expertise
and passion

I am committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity. Moreover, I take great pride in sharing my expertise and passion through workshops and mentoring sessions, nurturing the next generation of creative minds in this dynamic and inspiring environment.


Explore, Create, and Innovate with my  Workshops

I consider myself fortunate to have a calling that drives me to explore and create. My passion and curiosity for design have motivated me to accumulate years of research and expertise.

As part of my life’s purpose, I am dedicated to sharing this design mission. I teach at universities, mentor for Worth\COSME EU, and conduct group workshops and one-on-one presencial online courses.
I aim to teach anyone with an idea how to develop it, make it tangible, bringing it to life using the right materials and skills, whether it is pure luxury leather craftsmanship or mixed with 3D printing.

I schedule short and long courses throughout the year, catering to residents and tourists visiting Madrid. These courses provide a fulfilling activity for personal passion or a family-friendly experience and corporate team-building activities to enhance your experience and foster creativity in a collaborative environment.

Private mentoring

conceptual & practical mentoring 

I created these private exclusive mentoring sessions because when I started designing, I couldn’t find anyone to offer me this support. It was frustrating, and it took me years of investigation to master my techniques.
That’s why I wanted to offer the opportunity to have conceptual and practical mentoring sessions with me in my workshop. Tailored to every person’s needs, some may want to create their own bag collection, others dream of conceptualizing a wardrobe for an opera play, a beautiful jewelry collection, a home collection… while some aspire to create a hybrid collection merging leather craftsmanship with 3D printing.
Every student or group of students has their own dream, and my goal is to help make it come true.

Private exclusive mentoring sessions tailored to individual needs

Exclusive sessions to empower students to realize their design dreams through tailored guidance and expertise

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Creativity knows no limits in Awad Madrid’s fablab. Here, I’m excited to share a wealth of tips, techniques, and crafts to ignite your imagination and empower your artistic journey. From mastering the intricacies of 3D printing and the artistry of traditional leather craftsmanship to delving into the world of multimedia creation.